Welcome on Internet site of l association Hennebont Patrimoine !

You discover now the second version of the site which was altered for a better ergonomics and a greater legibility. But the goal n'a not changed, it is always to make discover in Hennebontais and the others, the inheritance of our beautiful city like l association and the actions qu'elle s'efforce to carry out for its safeguarding and its defense.

The contents of the pages slightly evolved/moved and will more amply evolve/move in the months to come by l'ajout of various headings and perhaps d'une shop on line... As of now, you can traverse the pages and discover or rediscover our association, the various actions which we carry out, the museum whom we manage, l'histoire (very summarized) of the city, some monuments and a forum of discussion open to all. If you wish to join us, you will also have the d'adhŽrer possibility with l association via the form to download and to return us. Lastly, if you wish further information than you would not find here, you find our co-ordinates in the heading contact. We wish you a pleasant visit and hope to see you very soon with the museum or why not within l association.